Veloxiti is a small team and dedicated to agile processes based on vast experience over other cognitive solutions consulting firms. The team has developed its 30 year successful reputation for designing and building multi-agent systems in both the commercial and DoD sectors.  Additionally, Veloxiti offers their recently updated cognitive development stack for complex environments where artificial intelligence needs broad capabilities.

Cognitive agents synchronize with your human user to assist and recommend wherever humans needs help.  Cognitive agents pick up delicate changes in the environment not detected by humans, identify the problems and assist users in crafting a solution. This type of cognitive agent is referred to as an “associate” due to its situational assessment and recommendation abilities that ensures cooperation between humans and their computers or network.

If your team is interested in meeting in SF next week at the event or at your office, please email our strategic marketing and business development representative: David Geddes, to setup a brief meeting or full presentation.      

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