Forward Operating Medical Base

Intelligent Telemedicine


 A control method and system

for Managing the Delivery of Health Care Services


Forward Operating Medical Base

Intelligent Telemedicine

A control method and system for Managing the Delivery of Health Care Services

Our objective is to be the supplier of Forward Operating Medical Bases with Intelligent Telemedicine (FOMBIT) for the United States, Western Europe, and countries and areas that must mobilize against the Coronavirus that do not have facilities needed to deal with the problem.

That of course is everyone in the world. We will be specializing in places that do not have an existing medical infrastructure or that need to deal with surges in demand for facilities that temporarily exceed the supply.

  • Intensive Care Units
  • Alternative care locations
  • Testing locations
  • Tracking of individuals’ locations, where they have been, and with whom they have been in contact
  • Continuous real-time medical condition of the individuals that are part of the program and other individuals of interest
  • Diagnosis of the individuals found to be infected and recommendations of appropriate actions sent to the individuals
  • Testing of individuals in a manner that obtains samples easily, is inexpensive, and provides results within 5 minutes
  • Medical Command and Control Center to communicate and Direct the activities of the participants. 

The determination of proper treatment will use a Multi-Agent Collaborative system which analyzes the conflicts between specialties and provide a treatment plan appropriate for the individual. The health care services are divided into medical specialties and a set of management and monitoring requirements for each type of medical condition are established.

An associate system for each discreet management requirements produces selected outputs based upon selected inputs from knowledge bases and models. Each associate displays real-time functions depending upon the processing of any operating parameter, at the selected operating phase and discreet management requirements. 

Models will be built representing the medical conditions of each individual patient enabling more accurate diagnoses of the medical condition of the individual under observation and the individual’s situation. The individual may be monitored continuously from any location enabling continuous monitoring and analysis of the patient’s medical condition.

The system will analyze the medical condition and will diagnose deviations from the norm, determine the services required, and will contact the individual for guidance to the proper treatment.

system elements

Forward Operating Medical Base 

Intelligent Telemedicine

The coronavirus epidemic has opened up the health care industry to intense scrutiny and has identified the many strengths and weaknesses in our existing methods of delivering health care services on a timely basis throughout the world. We have begun to provide services in new ways that include telemedicine and are using artificial intelligence to help deal with the complexity and enormous surge in demand. The industry has been forced to accelerate the adoption of new methods and technology. These methods create an opportunity to bring health care services to individuals that have never had access to those services at an affordable cost.

FOMBIT System Elements

  • Multi-Agent management of the diagnosis of a patient’s condition in a medical command center;
  • Triage Agent to determine how to allocate resources to individuals medical needs,
  • Creation of an avatar that represents the individuals’ medical condition;
  • Analysis of data from multiple locations for the provision of services such as Forward Operating Medical bases;
  • Intelligent Telemedicine;
  • Cardiac Rehab as an example of Medical Specialty

system benefits

Forward Operating Medical Base 

Intelligent Telemedicine

System Benefits

Improved Outcomes:

  • automated monitoring, alerts, and reporting which will result in more consistent procedures, better practice outcomes, fewer errors and lowered costs.
  • more than 93% of the negative outcomes could have been prevented

Intelligent Agent Principles:

  • Human is in charge
  • AI/IA explains conditions, recommendations, resources, economics…
  • Extract Data, Information, Knowledge, Action from massive amounts of data

A system should include:

  • automated data collection wherever possible
  • Touch screens/Voice recognition for “manual” entry of non-instrumented data
  • A display monitor located centrally in the surgical suite to allow complete visibility of supervisory personnel

Focus on ways to reduce medical errors:

  • keep track of steady state conditions, charting and routine paperwork, freeing the anesthesiologist to focus on the patient
  • Single and multi-parameter trends are identified and analyzed to recognize a variety of cardiac, pulmonary, and other clinical issues


FOMBIT in Healthcare and Other Areas

From chronic diseases and cancer to radiology and risk assessment, there are nearly endless opportunities to leverage technology to deploy more precise, efficient, and impactful interventions at exactly the right moment in a patient’s care.

Health Care Intelligent Agents will learn, analyze, diagnose and provide a diagnosis.

Embedded in software or hardware, Intelligent Agents will explain the reasons for the diagnosis and options for actions. 

Payment structures will evolve.

Patients demand more from their providers, and the volume of available data continues to increase at a staggering rate, artificial intelligence is poised to be the engine that drives improvements across the care continuum.

 AI offers a number of advantages over traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques.

Knowledge Bases and pattern recognition will provide much greater speed for decision making and accuracy into diagnostics, care processes, treatment variability, and patient outcomes.

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