Intelligent Telemedicine


Intelligent Telemedicine, Forward Operating Medical Base structures, Leading Technology for Tracking and Testing, Command and Control of Coronavirus Activities, Treatment, Monitoring Individuals, and Deployment Operations

IMARC Intelligent Telemedicine

IMARC is bringing Intelligent Telemedicine and all of the components needed to minimize the damages caused by the Coronavirus. IMARC, working with local health care providers, will offer assistance in defining the best manner of dealing with the threat to everyone in your country. Our package includes Intelligent Telemedicine, Forward Operating Medical Base structures, leading technology for tracking, testing, treatment, command and control of coronavirus activities, and deployment operations.

IMARC WILL IMPROVE THE DELIVERY OF HEALTH CARE WHERE IT IS MOST NEEDED. The IMARC team is comprised of the leading authorities in their domain and each member of our team is successful in at least one facet of the operation to fight the Coronavirus Problem.


Rick Carlson – Vigilant Diagnostics

Guy Cherwonuk – Paces Ferry Builders

Neil de Guzmán – IMARC AI

Brendan Huff – Anomaly Six (A6)

Antony Kountouris – BMarko Strutures

Roger Krulak – FullStack Modular

Larry Lafferty – Veloxiti AI Works

Ilan Rozenblat – Robust

Douglas Scott – IMARC AI

Donald Steinman – Applied Physics and Measurements, Inc.

Neil de Guzmán

President & CEO – Intelligent Multi-Agent Robotic Corporation

Neil is a globally recognized pioneer in the application of intelligent agents in the energy industry. He led the introduction of Intelligent Agents and autonomous in-well robots in the Oil & Gas industry where he holds patents for associative intelligent systems and is the co-author of numerous Society of Petroleum Engineering papers.

Neil has established strategic alliances with major corporations for development of Intelligent Agents and autonomous in-well robots including Baker Hughes, BP, Halliburton, Marathon, Shell and Statoil.

Neil has served as a consultant for the World Bank in transitioning Eastern Europe to a market economy and is President & CEO of IMARC which provides cyber forensic services for Fortune 100 companies.

Mr. de Guzmán has experience in the Development of business ventures for various industries, including the photographic industry, paper industry, and information technology for companies in the health care, utility and refining industries and has established more than 35 companies.

His work in corporations was as Latin American Regional manager for Polaroid and Kimberly Clark’s international marketing manager for the Caribbean and Central America.

Neil has an MBA from Columbia University, Master in International Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and BA in Economics from St. Laurence University.



Larry Lafferty

President & CEO – Veloxiti AI Works

Larry Lafferty is President and CEO of Veloxiti AI Works, a software engineering company that invents, builds, and deploys intelligent systems. He has more than 30 years experience creating innovative software for both commercial and DOD clients. While he has worked at both large and small organizations, he has spent most of his career working as an entrepreneur in small, technology-focused companies.

Larry is particularly interested in building intelligent software systems that help users make complex decisions in situations characterized by large amounts of data, short decision time-lines and too few experts. For example, he led the development of a system for the U.S. Army that enables a distributed command staff to respond quickly and collaboratively to complex battlefield events. For commercial clients, he has developed knowledge-based applications in domains such as equipment condition assessment, the oil-and-gas industry, and finance.

At Veloxiti, Mr. Lafferty leads a technical team that designed and built a software engineering toolkit that enables development of intelligent systems that can adapt continuously to continuously changing situations. We use a problem-solving model known at the OODA loop (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act). Though originally applied to military problems, the OODA loop is clearly relevant to many business domains.




Douglas Scott 

Director – Business Development

Results & team-oriented global business development executive and sales expert with over 30+ years of successful international and domestic performance. Providing a proven track record in international marketing and sales, strategic analysis and policy development, and quantifiable metrics in federal and commercial sales. Known as a well-respected sales leader in the Communications, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Operations branches of US and Allied Special Operations, Intelligence and Federal Law Enforcement.

With over 35 years of international experience, Douglas Scott has developed relationships around the world that have naturally transitioned into significant business opportunities. As an Executive Business Developer, Mr. Scott has a consistent track record breaking down barriers, finding and creating synergies between government, military, commercial public and private organizations regardless of country, culture or language. Taking requirements and paring them with solutions and the companies that can provide best in class support results in opportunities from which all can benefit.


Ilan Rozenblat

President & CEO – Robust Strategic Software Systems  

ROBUST is a software company that helps Action Networks boost their strategic performance. We specialize in designing and building intelligent software systems that convert expert knowledge from texts to on-the-job guidance, automate intelligent coordination of inter-related activities that drive a collective goal, and accelerate continuous adaptation of strategies to evolving circumstances.

Our core software development team brings unique platform-level skills and a rare track record of developing both platforms and applications and of optimizing their interplay.

Mr. Rozenblat is a technology executive with 20+ years of experience leading inter-disciplinary innovations of large-scale AI-driven systems in the USA and in Israel. As CTO of Civiq Smartscapes, Mr. Rozenblat led the R&D and engineering of Smart Cities’ IA networks of digital kiosks and connected IoT devices. Mr. Rosenblat served as CTO of USA companies that developed AI-based products for Healthcare and for Telecom and was CTO of Contahal, the second largest Israeli system integrator at the time. Mr. Rozenblat was awarded a U.S. green card as a National Interest, and decorated by Israeli army’s Chief of Staff in recognition of special achievements.



Brendan Huff

President – Anomaly Six, LLC  

Anomaly Six (A6) is a mission focused team of former special operations, intelligence, and commercial digital ecosystem (CDE) experts. Our team spent decades developing critical data processing, analytics, and data acquisition on behalf of elite programs, mission sets, the national command authority. We are leveraging over 40 years of experience delivering commercial data to our clients to provide robust data analytics and processing on the most dynamic first party data in the global marketplace. Our data and technology allow for the monitoring and behavior modeling of large disparate population travel such as migration patterns due to conflict or natural disaster. 

Mr. Huff is an experienced business leader with a demonstrated history of working in both the government and commercial sectors, heavily focused toward Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and International partners. Strong program and portfolio management professional skilled in Crisis Management, Strategic Intelligence, Support to Special Operations, Intelligence Analysis, Investigations, Screening and Vetting, Government, and Law Enforcement.



Rick Carlson

CEO – Vigilant Diagnostics LLC 

Reducing the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases to Minutes, In Any Setting Anywhere

Benefits of our University of Minnesota-developed, patented technology for
definitive point-of-care diagnostic results:

  • Immediate diagnosis of disease/condition for clinicians and caregivers
  • For diseases such as malaria, influenza, strep, HIV, and potentially COVID-19
  • Faster clinical assessments and coordination of care for immediate treatment, improving the quality of care while saving time and money
  • Elimination of the need for confirmatory testing, speeding treatment and reducing cost
  • No changes to the diagnostic test workflow for users
  • Improved limit of detection decreases the spread of infectious diseases and disease progression
  • Substantially decreases the economic burden of infectious diseases on society

Point-of-care diagnostics market size: $9.6B Global, $4.1B US, $1.09B for flu alone

Vision: Disrupting point-of-care rapid diagnostics with high-sensitivity thermal contrast technology (TCA)

Goal: Digitizing and quantifying results while increasing the sensitivity of Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) products

Value proposition: Adding new value to existing point-of-care LFA technology via a lowcost, high-sensitivity digital, quantitative test platform.



Guy Cherwonuk

President – Paces Ferry Builders  

An Army Veteran and 1987 graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, Paces Ferry Builders President Guy Cherwonuk has extensive experience in leading men and managing projects.

Following his graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mr. Cherwonuk served 6 years in the US Army, beginning as a combat engineer before attending the Officer Candidate School (OCS) and becoming an infantry officer. He then served as a rifle platoon leader before joining the Army Special Forces and retiring as a Captain.

He entered the construction industry soon after his retirement from the US Army, arranging finances to develop and build single-family subdivisions throughout metro Atlanta. Cherwonuk served as president of Vinings Building Group for 10 years before continuing on to become president of Paces Ferry Builders LLC from 2010 through the present day. He additionally acts as a Managing Partner of Georgia-Tennessee Development Partners LLC and a member of 4 home building associations including the Atlanta Home Builders Association, Chattanooga Home Builders Association, National Home Builders Associates, and the Certified Professional Home Builder Program.



Donald K. Steinman, PhD

President – Applied Physics & Measurements, Inc.

Dr. Steinman has 45 years of experience managing complex multidisciplinary projects in support of both US Government and commercial efforts including research and development projects leading to full scale development, production, and deployment of new product lines and services.

Areas of emphasis include technology development project management, nuclear instrumentation integration, nuclear scenario simulation modeling, nuclear spectroscopy using both scintillator and germanium diode detectors, multi-disciplinary concept integration, analysis, algorithm development, technology assessment, and optical sensors.



Antony Kountouris 

CEO – BMarko Structures, Ltd 

Antony Kountouris spent the first 18 years of his life in Athens, Greece. Seeing a much greater opportunity in the States he decided to study abroad.

While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego, Antony met Boris, the Chairman of BMarko, and teamed up with him to start the company. Boris, being a successful software entrepreneur, saw a construction industry that trailed innovation and technology by a hundred years. He identified the General Contractor model as a risk mitigation approach as opposed to a value creation approach, common in the software industry. The two of them started the journey to bring true value to construction through highly innovative approaches.

His favorite part about working for BMarko Structures is seeing the modes that his coworkers operate in; challenging all industry norms, asking a ton of questions, and bringing loads of passion towards the company mission.

Outside of work, Antony enjoys reading great books, playing not so great tennis, and learning new things.


Roger Krulak

President and Founder – Full Stack Modular LLC

Roger Krulak has over 35 years of bringing innovation to the construction and development sides of the real estate business.

For twelve years, Roger served as SVP of Mixed Use and Residential Development at the Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC). In that time, he was responsible for entitling and planning over 1,000 residential
apartment units integrated into many of FCRC’s retail projects.

Frustrated by the inherent inefficiencies of conventional construction, Roger spearheaded the first R&D project for modular construction at FCRC in 2008. This initiative led to the creation of FC Modular division, which focused on incorporating technology into construction workflows and using modular building systems. During his tenure as SVP of Modular Construction and Development, Roger established the
formation of the FC Modular Brooklyn Navy Yard factory and staff and he oversaw the construction of the world’s tallest volumetric modular building.


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