Introducing our subsidiary company, IMARC Robotics, Inc.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Applications for Transition in the Oil and Gas Industry

Increase Profits while Lowering Carbon Footprint

IMARC Robotics Team


AI and Robotics Applications for Transition in the Oil and Gas Industry

Film, I. (n.d.). Armageddon. Film. Retrieved January 5, 2022, from

IMARC Robotics Team


Film, I. (n.d.). Armageddon. Film. Retrieved January 5, 2022, from

AI and Robotics Applications for Transition in the Oil and Gas Industry

IMARC Robotics Team

IMARC Robotics offers a combination of software services and multi-agent (AI and Robotics) technology products to upstream Oil and Gas operating and service companies seeking to improve production and maintenance efficiency.  The net results can be both increased profitability and lower carbon emissions.

A win-win proposition.

The management team consists of individuals that have extensive experience in various key areas in the upstream oil and gas industry. 


Neil de Guzmán – President & CEO

Christine Ehlig-Economides – Director

Jennifer Harman – Project Manager and Finance

Pat Herbert – Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Holbein – Director of Drilling and Completions

Ian Hume – Director of Global Energy and Carbon Reduction

Larry Lafferty –  CTO – Artificial Intelligence

Don Steinman –  CTO – Robotics and Tool Design

John Turvill – Director of Marketing

Curriculum Vitae

Neil de Guzmán

President & CEO – IMARC Robotics, Inc.

Neil de Guzmán is the CEO of IMARC Robotics and Intelligent Multi-Agent Robotics Corporation has established strategic alliances with major corporations for the development of intelligent agents, in-well robots, and Bespoke AI programs. He has been working with major operating companies in the Oil & Gas industry developing new technologies for the past 30 years. He holds patents for associate intelligent systems, in-well robots, and intelligent systems for production optimization. Neil earned an MBA from Columbia University NYC.

Curriculum Vitae

Christine Ehlig-Economides, PhD


Dr. Christine Ehlig-Economides is Professor and Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair at the University of Houston at Texas A&M University for ten years and worked twenty years for Schlumberger. While at A&M, she managed research in production and reservoir engineering in conventional and shale reservoirs and helped the petroleum engineering department to grow and evolve to a broader energy scope. Ehlig-Economides was a member of the National Academy of Science Committee on America’s Energy Future and the NRC Board on Energy and Environmental Systems (BEES). She chaired The Academies of Medicine, Engineering, and Science in Texas (TAMEST) shale task force in 2017. She currently is a Board member for QRI. Ehlig-Economides Ph.D. in petroleum engineering from Stanford University.

Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer Harman

Project Manager – Finance & Marketing

Jennifer Harman is the project manager and financial consultant for IMARC Robotics, Inc. She has a background in Financial Services and retired from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Jennifer is focused on providing the knowledge needed to achieve corporate success through careful management of key business initiatives while providing financial, marketing, administrative, and project management support to the team.

Curriculum Vitae

Pat Herbert

Chief Operating Officer

Founder and Managing Director of M7 Advisors LLC and currently an investor and board advisor to Fibron BX, is a seasoned operations executive having built companies from the ground up into market leaders in the energy industry and served as both division president and corporate officer of two of the largest oil service companies. Managed large operations around the world. Pat has held numerous board positions of both private and public companies a university and served as a member of an Industry Advisory Board for the Department of Energy related to energy policy. Herbert has been inventor and co-inventor on numerous patents is an engineer and has an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Curriculum Vitae

Jeff Holbein

Director – Drilling and Completions

Jeff Holbein is an Independent Oilfield Consultant with 45 years of experience in land and offshore drilling, workover, and completion phases of the oilfield. Jeff has been Operations Manager, Deepwater Superintendent, Drilling and Completions Manager for numerous companies throughout the world including Murphy, BHP, and BP. He has been instrumental in the development of new technology focused on increasing productivity and safety in drilling and completion operations. 

Curriculum Vitae

Ian Hume

Director – Global Energy and Carbon Reduction

Ian Hume has 50 years of experience as an Economist and Senior Manager at the World Bank which included being a Director of the Bank’s Energy Department. He worked extensively on country energy systems around the world (Eastern Europe, Latin America, southern Africa) and has deep experience in energy sector strategy and management, including in the restructuring of energy systems to address climate change. He has a PhD in Economics from Oxford University.

Curriculum Vitae

Larry Lafferty

Chief Technology Officer – Artificial Intelligence

Larry Lafferty, a founder of SoftPro Technologies, and currently CEO of Veloxiti AI Works, has an extensive background in software engineering and development of advanced artificial intelligence systems for DARPA, other US Government agencies, and the private sector. He has extensive experience in the development of AI and Intelligent Systems for the Oil and Gas industry and is an inventor on several patents.

Curriculum Vitae

Donald K. Steinman, PhD

Chief Technology Officer – Robotics and Tool Design

Don Steinman, founder and President of Applied Physics and Measurements, Inc., has over 40 years of experience in technology and business development in oil field services. He has worked for Schlumberger, Baker Hughes Inteq, and Thermo Fisher Corporation. Don has invented and designed downhole tools including the in-well robot. He has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from University of Michigan. Don holds numerous patents in oil and gas applications and has commercialized high technology measurement systems in oil well logging and uranium logging.

Curriculum Vitae

John Turvill

Director – Marketing

John Turvill has over 40 years of global oil & gas sales, business development, and product management experience encompassing a spectrum of hardware and software products and data analysis consulting. He has worked for multiple service companies including Baker Hughes, Halliburton, and PetroSkills involving applications from geophysics to refining. John has broad knowledge of the E&P value chain and the application of technology to improve operations. He has a M.A. in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.

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