Intelligent Agent System


Building an Intelligent Agent System

An intelligent agent is a software architecture that uses expert insights structured in a graph to conduct activities within other systems. Our embedded intelligent agent is tailored specifically for solving problems using OODA Loop (Observe / Orient / Decide / Act) techniques, and by design, can communicate within a distributed multi-instance application providing your solution with flawless scalability along with broad capabilities.

At any given time, businesses experience countless changes in their environment – e.g. potential threats, changes in supply chains, server technologies, integrated systems, even weather can impact business. Your cognitive ability allows you to constantly adapt to these conditions — some consciously, others subconsciously. Similarly, our intelligent agent mimics your human cognitive ability to adapt and, in this sense, it can “think”.

Our agent-based tools are the foundation for knowledge-driven problem-solving using the concept of OODA Loops. 

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