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Veloxiti, Inc.

We invent, build, and deploy intelligent agent systems that create a competitive advantage for our war fighters.

Our systems make our warfighters safer and more effective. We are currently working on a series of intelligent systems for the Department of Defense that our adversaries have never seen.

We work with our customers to define custom strategies to use artificial intelligence in the most effectvive manner for the DOD.

ImarcAppsAI, Inc.

ImarcAppsAI, Inc. uses artificial intelligence for artificial lift applications to cut the costs of production management and increase the profitability of wells. 

We help organizations use Artificial Intelligence manage their fields more efficiently and profitably.

Veloxiti AI Works

We invent, build, and deploy intelligent systems that create a competitive advantage for our customers. We help enterprises use Artificial Intelligence to create differentiated products and services.We work with our clients to define a custom strategy to use artificial intelligence in the most profitable manner for the organization.