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Market Insights at The AI Summit 2018

Veloxiti Inc. will be gathering market insights and meeting with potential customers while attending The AI Summit 2018 in San Francisco, CA, Sept 18-20. The AI Summit is one of the largest artificial intelligence conferences in the country.  The company is seeking AI...

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Win or die: the stakes are high in air-to-air combat. Originally created by a fighter pilot, USAF Colonel John Boyd, the OODA loop (Observe-Orient, Decide-Act) captures fundamental ideas about problem solving in continuously changing circumstances. Survival in combat...

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Veloxiti at the AUSA Innovator’s Corner

Veloxiti’s own John Merrihew spoke at the AUSA Conference in Huntsville, AL this moth on the topics of decision-support software agents for ISR management, and innovation approaches to army oil analysis.  Both are linked below for your convenience....

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ALIAS Prepares for Accelerated Take-Off

A post has been made on main DARPA page regarding the ALIAS automation initiative.  Veloxiti is pleased to be a part of the Sikorsky team on this project as lead in knowledge acquisition.  The full post can be found here.

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VELOXITI at the AUVSI Trade Show

Veloxiti was proud to be a part of this year’s AUVSI trade show.  Our own, John Merrihew was on-hand to show others in the industry what we’ve been working on without artificial intelligence techniques and software.  It was also a great opportunity to explore the...

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VELOXITI Releases New S-6 Associate Whitepaper

VELOXITI has released a new whitepaper for review. This document focuses on a unified approach to uilding and managing Network Operating Environments within the context of tactical missions and other warfighting functions. The document is available here.

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VELOXITI Speaking to UGA AI Students

VELOXITI is honored to be guest speakers addressing the University of Georgia AI Colloquia. CEO Don Turner and Senior Engineer Eric Drucker will be presenting a talk titled “Software that Thinks: Artificial Intellgience at VELOXITI, Inc.”. Click here for the complete...

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VELOXITI Featured at the Atlanta Business Chronicle

VELOXITI is proud to have been featured in a current article appearing on the Atlanta Business Chronicle website. Staff writer Urvaksh Karkaria discusses VELOXITI’s history and techology in an quick and insightful piece. You can read the full atricle here.

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Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc. is now VELOXITI, Inc.

Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc., recognized throughout the industry as a leader in innovative intelligent processing solutions, has taken up a new mantle as VELOXITI, Inc.  The same expertise and dedication our clients have come to expect with continue as we push...

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After much anticpation, VELXOITI is proud to unveil our fresh new web presence.  We hope you’ll take a few moments to browse the site, and become and enthusiastic about the future of intelligent software as we are.  Welcome!

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