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Neil is a globally recognized pioneer in the application of intelligent agents in the energy industry. He led the introduction of Intelligent Agents and autonomous in-well robots in the Oil & Gas industry where he holds patents for associative intelligent systems and is the co-author of numerous Society of Petroleum Engineering papers.

Neil has established strategic alliances with major corporations for development of Intelligent Agents and autonomous in-well robots including Baker Hughes, BP, Halliburton, Marathon, Shell and Statoil.

Neil has served as a consultant for the World Bank in transitioning Eastern Europe to a market economy and is President & CEO of IMARC which provides cyber forensic services for Fortune 100 companies.

Mr. de Guzmán has experience in the Development of business ventures for various industries, including the photographic industry, paper industry, and information technology for companies in the health care, utility and refining industries and has established more than 35 companies.

His work in corporations was as Latin American Regional manager for Polaroid and Kimberly Clark’s international marketing manager for the Caribbean and Central America.

Neil has an MBA from Columbia University, Master in International Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and BA in Economics from St. Laurence University.




Expertise in; operating strategies, technical requirements of asset integrity management for OPEX/CAPEX businesses, non-destructive testing methods and equipment, asset integrity programs for pipelines, petrochemical facilities, and power generation facilities.

Extensive field experience developing programs and managing operations for integrity program projects for oil and gas facilities, pipelines, terminals, and nuclear/fossil plant stations.
Planning and strategy development for improvements in operations efficiency, raising margins, to capture and sustain new and/or unique market positions.
Business strategist seeking high profit revenue streams. Extensive experience in launching and building new services, opening new markets, and expanding client base.





John is a multi-cultural executive with global experience, strong technical skills and broad knowledge of the E&P value chain and workflows. A creative problem solver and quick learner; with a track record for rapidly assimilating new technologies and information; and who is comfortable bridging the technical and commercial worlds to generate value. Repeated success in building relationships across all levels and cultures as an influencer, motivator, mentor, and trusted advisor.




Mr. Rozenblat is a technology executive with 20+ years of experience leading inter-disciplinary innovations of large-scale AI-driven systems in the USA and in Israel.

As CTO of Civiq Smartscapes, Mr. Rozenblat led the R&D and engineering of Smart Cities’ IA networks of digital kiosks and connected IoT devices.

Mr. Rozenblat served as CTO of USA companies that developed AI-based products for Healthcare and for Telecom and was CTO of Contahal, the second largest Israeli system integrator at the time.

Mr. Rozenblat was awarded a U.S. green card as a National Interest, and decorated by Israeli army’s Chief of Staff in recognition of special achievements.



Dr. Steinman has 45 years of experience managing complex multidisciplinary projects in support of both US Government and commercial efforts including research and development projects leading to full scale development, production, and deployment of new product lines and services.

Areas of emphasis include technology development project management, nuclear instrumentation integration, nuclear scenario simulation modeling, nuclear spectroscopy using both scintillator and germanium diode detectors, multi-disciplinary concept integration, analysis, algorithm development, technology assessment, and optical sensors.

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