How We Do It

We are experts.

Over the past 30 years, we have learned what it takes to succeed in AI.
We know what it takes to deliver an excellent product:
Expertise, experience, commitment and passion for innovation.

Building the AgentBusiness ROI & MADI
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How We Do It

Building the Agent

We build industry-leading Agents.
We have done it successfully many times.

We are a pioneer in building artificial intelligence systems for the Department of Defense and for the Private Sector. We have developed proprietary technology and a suite of tools to efficiently build intelligent systems. Our agent-based cognitive approach keeps that human in charge and creates productivity enhancements which often achieve 50-100 times improvement. Our systems diagnose problems, recommend solutions and take action when appropriate, explaining the reasons for the recommendations in both technical and economic terms.

building the agent

How We Work

An increasing commercial audience is finding out what AI experts have known for years – intelligent agent technology is a powerful labor multiplier. This new class of software can help humans:

  • Process orders of magnitude, more information than they ever could on their own
  • Make decisions at a speed that is simply not possible by the human mind alone

This new capability can process massive amounts of data – within context – for your very best performers and help them achieve even higher levels of productivity and decision-making quality. In turn, in the form of “best practices” these same capabilities can be leveraged by new or less-skilled professionals to help them perform at a higher level.

However, building intelligent agents that capture how humans “think” and are integrated into their current application suite has historically been a difficult task which is why we developed a new product suite designed specifically to make it far easier for organizations to make use of this powerful new technology.

how we do it

Business ROI and MADI

We work together with our clients to determine where AI can maximize ROI. You know your industry. We know AI.

  • We analyze opportunities with you to determine which ones to pursue in a strategic context.
  • You empower us as a trusted partner to manage the process of the adoption of disruptive innovation and the changes it requires.
  • We make a road map, develop the agents, implement the agents until they are profitable.
  • We perform whatever activities are needed throughout the value chain to succeed.
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