Introducing our subsidiary company, IMARC Robotics, Inc.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Applications for Transition in the Oil and Gas Industry

Increase Profits while Lowering Carbon Footprint


The Future of Oil and Gas

In-Well Robots and AI Offshore and Onshore





About Us

IMARC Robotics offers a combination of software services and multi-agent (AI and Robotics) technology products to upstream Oil and Gas operating and service companies seeking to improve production and maintenance efficiency. The net results can be both increased profitability and lower carbon emissions. A win-win proposition.



Our Story


Increase Profits while Lowering Carbon Footprint

IMARC Robotics is an established service company in the energy industry that will provide more elegant solutions than those found at present. IMARC Robotics and its principals have been working in the Oil & Gas industry for more than 30 years with strategic alliances with Baker Hughes, BP, Shell, and other companies developing Bespoke AI and Robotics applications. The company has developed a new generation of tools with improved communication and power systems that mitigate the risks of poor performance that will be critical to success in the future.

IMARC Robotics’ products can assist oil and gas companies as part of their overall roadmap towards Net Zero by 2050. Each company will be different, hence the Fifty Shades of Green. Applications of AI and robotic technology to both oil and gas operations can lower emissions and increase efficiency and thus profitability. In the case of gas operations, there is an added option to use gas to produce carbon-free fuel by directing the gas into the chain for the production of zero-carbon Blue Hydrogen.

The Future of Oil and Gas In-Well Robots and AI Offshore and Onshore

The needs of customers with extended reach wells are not being met and we are being asked why we cannot use robots. The first generation of autonomous in-well robots has been built and tested.

The next generation has been designed to have greater power and will communicate with the surface. Their mission will be a lot simpler than working on Mars and easier than the work to automate drilling, seafloor surveillance, and in well perforations.

Autonomous in-well robots will lower opex and capex costs of interventions so the value to the customer is large and the value to the builder of robots is large whether the business model is manufacture and sale, service, or lease. The demand starts with ERW but there are thousands of deviated wells and high value wells that are candidates for robotic intervention.

In-Well Robots

  • For: Companies who want to reduce the carbon footprint of existing operations, reduce the costs of interventions by more than 50%, and increase profitability.
  • Who: need information and intervention and cannot log or afford to log extended reach and high-value wells.
  • Our: Lightweight autonomous in-well robot which can be transported in a helicopter or truck and operated by a crew aided by artificial intelligence.
  • Can be operated at a fraction of the cost of conventional conveyance methods to perform light interventions
  • Unlike coiled tubing, tractors, and drill pipe are not limited by friction, tool expansion, which are very expensive
  • We can perform the same work in thousands of extended reach and high-value wells for half the OPEX and a tenth of the CAPEX cost.

Attributes of Robotics in Optimization Production


  1. In-well robot sensors collect data that needs interpretation.
  2. On-board intelligence in the robot carries out the interpretation.
  3. Logging gets data enables understanding.
  4. Intervention tools manipulate and manage well hardware.
  5. AI Optimization looks at data and recommends action.
  6. Using AI and Taking Action (Data-Information-Knowledge-Action DIKA) in a relevant timeframe creates greater value.

IMARC Robotics’ Intelligent Devices provide a new component to automate the management of production from wells, with three critical attributes:

1. Performance Improvements (PI) through workflow automation

2. Innovations (I) use of in-well AI enables the robot to recommend and take action, diagnose conditions, and input the information into other parts of the Value Chain as a Multi-Agent System

3. New Paradigms (NP): Things that IMARC Robotics can achieve that other companies in the market cannot achieve.

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