“Connect a world of applications and keep it that way.”

Modern businesses need tools to enable combined analytics from a few data sources to a few thousand devices. To keep applications connected in a publish-subscribe environment, customers must have the capability to handle critical communication demands. Challenging network performance with real-time endpoint discovery will make your dev-ops team love you that much more.

vAnalytics™ simply creates efficient, reliable, and secure real-time communications between hundreds or thousands of applications. Our low latency approach provides flawless scalability to make streaming data analytics a reality.

Our middleware platform is based on well-known publish-subscribe distributed data services used to integrate disparate streams of information from anywhere in the world. Similar technology can be found in social media app ecosystems or financial trading systems where strict communication standards exist. Although there are various manifestations of our approach, no one addresses the need for connecting applications quite like us, we integrate numerous artificial intelligence techniques to enhance analysis capabilities.

vAnalytics™ has a unique feature to automatically generate interfaces (proxies) between systems thereby removing a timely development task.

Our Tools

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