“Thinking software means intelligent decisions that augment your workforce.”

Serious business solutions need tested algorithms. After nearly thirty years of demanding research, our success is now yours. Due to our algorithm inspired by neuroscience, you can be confident that broader artificial intelligence capabilities are possible. Our technology mimics human cognitive information processing to unite software and humans in a synchronized work effort. This powerful human-computer integration augments human activity to raise productivity and accuracy in environments where uncertainty persists.

vCognition™ is the name of our graph algorithm which is the final piece in our cognitive solutions development kit stack. It is a remarkable scientific achievement derived from decades of evaluation. The engine processes deep object descriptions and logic operations as described in the multi-graph framework. It is an algorithmic java-based system, a mix of services tightly linked, which easily integrates into other software tools. In fact, as an autonomous agent under the control of a human, a solution could interact with any digital artifact, graphics or data. An application using our algorithm allows software to monitor, analyze, plan, and act in a high frequency loop similar to a human observer.

There is scientific proof that our engine is optimized to its fullest pushing the edge of modern symbolic programming. Recently the engine processed financial data from hundreds of companies in less than two minutes. The power is staggering.

vCognition™ creates a new type of support mechanism for human workers operating in a digital world. Partners apply our algorithm in support of individual user, shared team, or global enterprise productivity by reasoning about a few data streams to hundreds of real-time information sources. The engine is available for enterprise licensing arrangements on par with the world’s more remarkable intelligent systems.

Decision Associate

The Decision Associate is an artificial intelligence “Intelligent Agent” solution and is based on VELOXITI ground-breaking Warfighter Associate work with the U.S. Department of Defense.   Decision Associate is focused on dealing with “command and control” situations. Whether in a battlefield, trading floor, or hospital accounting department, managing a complex world is all about “command and control.” The Decision Associate “sits on top” of your current applications and monitors all communications – whether structured or unstructured – and provides to your decision makers two important benefits:

  • Prioritized Situational Data – with exponentially increasing amount of data humans cannot effectively monitor it all and determine what information needs to be acted on at that particular point in time. Decision Associate processes thousands if not millions of information items and identifies what is critical for the human-decision maker to act upon based on the context of what is going on around the human and the task they are focused on.
  • Best-in-Class Recommendations – Since the Decision Associate is built on Best-in-Class organization information, the experience of the most effective humans, and real-time awareness of what is attempting to be accomplished, the Decision Associate provides along with the Prioritized Situational Data specific recommendations to assist the human in their decision making. In some cases the Decision Associate can be configured with “bounded autonomy” features allowing it to make its own decisions and initiate its own actions within a predetermined set of parameters.

Simply put, the Decision Associate can significantly improve the decision-making within an organization. It is a computerized “entity” that looks at data, processes it, and makes decisions based on how a human would.

Oil & Gas Production Monitoring

Crude oil production is not as easy as it used to be. Increasing global demand and decreasing oil reserves are driving oil producers towards advanced technologies. As in other industries, today’s well production sensors produce enormous amounts of data, including information that reveals well conditions thousands of feet below the surface. But the continuous output of all these sensors has an unintended consequence: too much data and too few experts to make sense of it all.

VELOX.tellwell™ is an intelligent system for monitoring and diagnosing problems in wells that use an enhanced production technique known as gas-lift. VELOX.tellwell’s embedded knowledge base addresses over thirty abnormal conditions that can dramatically reduce well production. Because oil-field data are often inaccurate or missing, VELOX.tellwell uses an associative memory-based pattern matching algorithm to find the best fit between a well’s current condition and the numerous failure conditions in the knowledge base.

Condition Based Equipment Monitoring

Modern oil analysis was first commercialized over 50 years ago as a means for understanding the condition of high value equipment such as engines, gearboxes, and transmissions. Then, as now, equipment operators were concerned about the specific tests used for oil analysis and the cost of these tests. However, testing is only one aspect of oil analysis. Equally important is the analysis and interpretation of test results.

VELOX.prescient™ is an intelligent agent that employs a two-step evaluation process for analyzing the results obtained from performing laboratory tests on oil samples. The first step is statistical analysis to flag contaminants which exceed limits established through analysis of customer data. This statistical process considers both trends measured over many months and unacceptable excursions in contaminant levels. VELOX.prescient™ then uses its expert knowledge base to interpret the contaminant patterns discovered through lab testing and statistical analysis.

Like an experienced oil analyst, VELOX.prescient™ is “smart” enough to understand how flagged contaminants (e.g., Fe and Si) may be interpreted together with up to four phase interactions. VELOX.prescient™ not only diagnoses and recommends corrective actions but also explains the basis of its assessment in an easily understood manner.

VELOX.prescient’s™ value proposition is unquestionable: at a cost far lower than manual analysis, it provides spot-on data assessment and strong maintenance advisories tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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